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How does ROPARDO ensure continuous technical innovation?

Today’s world is changing fast so technical innovation is part of our culture and the key competitive advantage we provide our customers with in terms of skilled people, current technology trends, strong procedures, and R&D passion.

Ropardo Research & Innovation Center constantly participates to research activities with full strength. We are in trend with the latest technologies, and exploit them fast and efficiently from project to project. This way, we are sure that our customers benefit of the most innovative results.

What are the main technologies used by Ropardo?

Our engineers are masters of a broad range of cutting-edge technologies and tools. They will know each time which combination works best so that the result exceeds expectations both in terms of functionality and appearance. When saying that, we count on:

  • 50+ programming languages and frameworks we handle;
  • 30+ platforms, operating systems and web services we work with;
  • 30+ Integrated Development Environment tools we use;
  • 10+ databases we know inside-out;
  • 10+ Project Management tools we have already tried;
  • 10+ Content Management tools we have built on

We master an impressive list of tools and technologies which grows every month. Please find here the accurate and updated full tech list.

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