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Well-established software engineering company

Organisation Structure

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What size is ROPARDO as a company?

ROPARDO is a successful medium-sized company with a talented team of programmers that breathe technology while having extensive experience in multiple industries and empathizing with businesses of all sizes.

We are in the course of extending our business to other cities of the country.

What is ROPARDO’S organisation structure?

The company is run based on the following organisation structure:

  • Layer 1: CEO
  • Layer 2: CTO, HR Manager
  • Layer 3: Development Managers, Business Development Manager – Outsourcing Department, QA Manager, Head of Project Management
  • Layer 4: Project Managers
  • Layer 5: Team Leaders
  • Layer 6: Developers and Testers

Development managers have decision-making power in most matters concerning the group(s) they coordinate.

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