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Please describe your company culture.

In line with our company culture we focus on skilled people, know how, convenient prices and controlled risk.

We believe in people. We put people first and care a lot for our team. We consider our staff innovative thinkers, we find solutions together, not by simply assigning tasks. We encourage a healthy and balanced relation between work and personal life. We promote a flexible work program and open communication, which eventually lead to greater productivity.

We believe in quality through technical expertise. Our specialists know the latest developments in the IT field. We acquire expertise through challenging and innovative projects, study and continuous investment in our people.

We believe in innovation. Today’s world is changing fast. So, innovation is part of our culture and the key competitive advantage we provide our customers with in terms of skilled people, technology trends, strong procedures, and R&D passion.

We believe in transparency and building long-term business relationships based on mutual trust and respect. With us, customers get convenient prices and controlled risk.

We love our community. Since our role and mission are inevitably related to the community in which we perform our activities, we have understood the importance of our contribution to its lasting and sustainable development. We conduct by the idea of being more than just a simple actor within the business environment. Therefore, we assume additional responsibilities in the social and community development areas.

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