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Staffing Policy

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What staffing policy does ROPARDO apply?

We comply to a clear staffing policy. As a rule, we allocate only in-house personnel to projects entrusted to us. When a customer asks for a team upscale, we recommend to manage it gradually. This way, we have enough time to re-assign specialists from projects where demand for resources is decreasing or hire new personnel. Of course, there are cases when subcontracting is unavoidable, but we keep it as plan B.

How long does it take ROPARDO to assign a new specialist to a project?

Upgrading a team can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on the time of the request, the type of resource requested, and the allocation period, the level of expertise required (junior, middle, senior), the targeted skills (Java specialist, Web specialist, Architecture, Development, etc), and even the time of the year.

If there is no other alternative than hiring new specialists, finding the right person and getting her or him on board can take some time. To give a closer idea, between 8 to 10 calendar weeks are needed.

Are there any situations when ROPARDO subcontracts work?

ROPARDO subcontracts work only if such possibility is provided for in the contract signed with the customer. If we have to hire subcontractors, they will comply at least to the same provisions and guarantees entered into by ROPARDO with its customer.

How do you ensure team stability?

It is natural for customers to want to establish reliable and comfortable long-term work relationships. ROPARDO ensures not reassigning staff with which the Customer is happy to other customers if such a possibility exists.

We endeavor to replace the staff leaving the team with a same-level one and transfer knowledge necessary to keep the project running smoothly at our expense.

How do you deal with explicitly requested extra hours?

This aspect is covered in the contract signed with the customer. Our staff is usually open to accept over-time for particular situations. So far, our staff have always showed availability in the most responsible manner possible in case of emergencies (weekend or project situations).

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