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Collaboration Models

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What types of collaboration models does ROPARDO propose?

ROPARDO proposes comfortable collaboration models to engineer software for customers scattered all over the world and shaped in their own business culture. All six models ensure delivering software services under our Time-Budget-Quality ethic.

Dedicated Development Team

Our Dedicated Development team model is the most preferred by our customers. Our local team acts as an extension/augmentation of the customer’s own engineering facility and incorporates resources with various specializations, to implement the customer’s own development processes. We ensure teams of various sizes that are made of all the necessary roles: software developers, Quality Assurance, testers, Project Managers.

Since the dedicated team will work under your management, it is natural that you choose your team by interviewing them or taking a competence test. All the engineers in your dedicated team are directly accessible by email, instant messenger and phone, anytime you need them. The dedicated team will be available to you at a fixed fee per person per month.

Meanwhile, our duty is to provide all facilities like workspace, IT infrastructure, computer systems and furniture, consumables, uninterrupted power supply and high-speed internet connectivity. Yet, any specific hardware or 3rd party software required must be ensured by you. We strictly adhere to clients’ business critical objectives while mutually considering the ideas, design validations, development processes, test plans and schedules for implementing a certain project.

Time & Material Model

This model is suitable for software projects whose duration and plans are not precisely defined from the beginning. Before any such project begins, we provide you the effort estimates, project timeline, material/resource estimates and other vital figures to help you decide on financials. At the same time, we provide experienced, skilled, motivated consultants to work hand in hand with you to ensure quality solutions.

The timeline of such a project can extend indefinitely by modifying the time dimension of the model, while resources can be added or removed at any moment. This means the customers controls the development life cycle by means of inputs and direction and has the freedom to modify specifications.

With this model, the customer pays a fixed price per hour of development effort and there are no hidden charges or additional costs involved. Thus, customers enjoy complete independence and flexibility to get the project developed end-to-end depending on their budget provisions.

Project-based Model

Also known as the Fixed Price or Turnkey model, this model is suitable for customers with well-defined requirements and project schedules who are looking for collaborations with precise beginnings and endings, while several alternatives are being examined. Normally this model requires a well-defined Software Requirement Specifications document provided by the customer who has all technical aspects set (technology platforms, database model or software architecture).

We undertake such projects with a fixed price quote and commit to deliver them in due time with best quality. This means the price for the development of the project is established before the project starts and the customer pays this pre-negotiated price for the completed project, linked to predefined deliverables.

It sometimes happens for a fixed-price project to require additional effort due to change or addition in scope during the development phase. If such is the case, we might revise the fixed-price based on the new scope of project or continue development within the scope & fixed price and then switch to another model (e.g. hourly charges).

Staff Augmentation

ROPARDO offers staff augmentation solutions for custom software development projects as a cost-convenient alternative to in-house resource extension for top quality parameters.

This model helps you save money and ensures timely and successful deliverables by outsourcing the development of a software solution to ROPARDO Offshore Development Center or complementing an existing team with our dedicated software developers. In our nearshore software development center, we implement the customer’s standards and rules, take higher responsibilities and are flexible.

Managed Services

When your project requires specialists that live in your country/region for reasons like cultural differences or language skills, we introduce resources from local context within the project.

With the Managed Services model you will benefit from : the right resources, efficient communication and team work to reach targets, balanced costs.

Strategic Partnership

In the current rapidly changing technological environment coupled with a challenging economic environment, the strategic partnership model is the most suitable for those customers who are looking for longstanding software development trusted provider.

The customer can take advantage of the benefits of the strategic partnership model in software development outsourcing to respond to long term business needs and strategies. We, on the other hand, enjoy credibility and act as a valued partner on your side, covering all the necessary roles: software developers, testers and QA engineers, architects, project managers. We also ensure a safe and equipped environment for your dedicated teams to deliver the expected results and add value to the products they develop for you.

Under such a work arrangement, we will be committed to the “continuous improvement” of your business.

Mixed Model

If none of the above models is suitable for your business needs, ROPARDO is flexible enough and open-minded so that together we can create a new model by mixing elements of the above options. Whatever the model, we will always be engaged in helping you grow by optimizing your IT costs and eliminating overhead.

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