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Does your location ensure solid infrastructure?

The location of our Software Development Center is a modern building owned by the Ropardo shareholder, summing up a total of 1000 square meters of mix office layouts: open space as well as rooms for smaller teams, plus the meeting rooms. The building allows Ropardo to increase the needed space when and if required by projects.

It is equipped with all needed facilities and highly performing systems and complying to all security standards – work security and data security. All access into the building and access to each level are controlled.

For the telecommunication services, we use a BGP connection with IP class C over fiber optics from different providers, with dedicated account managers that react fast to our requests. We also have our own dedicated data center.

Is ROPARDO location accessible for travel?

Our headquarter is located in Sibiu, Transylvania, in the center of Romania. Though Sibiu is a city well-grounded in its tradition, it enjoys modern communication ways which makes it easily reachable by plane, by car or by train.

On our contact page you can find the information you need to reach ROPARDO.

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