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Operational Support Model

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Please describe your operational support model. How do you assure maintenance and support for software applications developed nearshore or offshore?

ROPARDO has implemented and runs strong procedures that serve as a reliable operational support model for our teams in all their activities. We found our quality policy on well-defined procedures, processes and not last on people assuring a high quality for all deliveries. Our testing center provides the test services we apply in all delivered packages. We also offer regular feedback and reviews to the final customer concerning the performance of the product.

We treat nearshore/offshore software projects the same as local software outsourcing projects, proposing solutions that guarantee maintenance and support for the software developed.

In the first place, we recommend that the client choose from the project setup phase for a maintenance and support agreement or an agreement for on demand interventions.

Secondly, the client has access to sources and application documentation so the maintenance can be assured at any given point by a specialist hired by the beneficiary independently from ROPARDO.

What are the support procedures for the onsite environment?

The onsite environment of the client includes Web servers, database servers, and application servers located in different sites and time zones. After receiving the customers’ credentials, ROPARDO engineers log into servers, create tickets for the issues assigned or detected and monitor the servers periodically, at the frequency agreed with the customers. ROPARDO reports any errors or issues to the onsite environment, continuing with an effective, long tested escalation procedure.

What are the support procedures for the offshore environment?

Our software development center runs from 8 a.m. to 21 p.m. according to our schedule. The server rooms are placed in secured rooms, air conditioned, using an UPS.
Security comes first, so we are strict about our Clean Desk policy.
The implementation of procedures is regularly checked by a team of internal and external audits.

What measures you take to ensure continuous support?

Measures we take to ensure continuous support and swift disaster recovery include:

Data Backup and Recovery

  • Daily backup of crucial data (documentation, code, databases, and email) is performed through our IT Backup Policy. Each project store data in centralized, backedup servers. We create custom project-specific backup plans for all projects with special requirements (e.g. multiple backups a day).
  • Data is backed up to independent dedicated backup devices (and so provide excellent reliability).
  • Regular recovery audits are performed (a drill to check if the backed-up data is recoverable).

Communication. Multiple modes of communication are used at ROPARDO:

  • We have telecom connectivity from two telecom providers terminating in the office.
  • There are two independent gateways for client communications.
  • All employees have VOIP accounts and the direct contact numbers of key people on the project are always shared.


  • In case of a breakdown, a backup generator is made available in a very short time based on our agreement with Third Party Vendors.
  • All critical systems have online UPS which provides 8 hours of backup.
  • We have never had operations stopped due to power outage even if the supply from the utility company stops for extended periods.

Network and Hardware

  • All our devices have redundancy built-in starting from our network devices to our LAN infrastructure.
  • Our locations are connected through independent Optical Fiber Cables which are routed through different physical paths.
  • Our wired LAN is backed up by a Wi-Fi blanket.
  • All our critical devices are configured in auto switchover modes in case of failure.


  • We take bandwidth from separate Internet Service Providers.
  • We have backup DSL connectivity if all main bandwidths fail.
  • We have Mobile Data Access Cards for key people.

What does the delivery mechanism consist of?

Software support services are delivered nearshore or offshore to the client’s environment via a secure VPN connection. Only the VPN client is installed on the developer’s computer. As a means to protect all the data that is subject to non-disclosure agreements, no VPN access is allowed in the ROPARDO network.

E-mail, Internet chat, tele-conferencing, and/or video conferencing are preferred means of communication used for delivery, reviews, and clarifications. For client’s comfort, we suggest a single point of contact who is usually a development manager, project manager or team leader.

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