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According to your pricing policy, what do you consider to be the value-to-money of your services?

Based on our specific business model and in line with our pricing policy, we deliver high value at convenient prices.

Even though customers can find lower prices, the quality/price ratio practiced by ROPARDO is what they are looking for when they are looking for reliable solutions. Working with talented and engaged developers ensures delivering accurate code within agreed time frames.

What are the criteria you calculate your prices on?

We calculate our prices applying factors such as the length of the contract, team size/structure, the business model, the level of expertise needed.

Does price vary depending on the experience of each team member?

When we work nearshore/offshore project based, the price does not vary depending on team members because the software developed is the result belongs to the entire team not one member individually.

When we work in dedicated nearshore/offshore team formula, depending on the requirements regarding expertise and experience of each team member, differences in costs may exist.

What pricing models do you use?

We have three pricing models Time & Material Model, Turnkey Projects (Fixed Price model), Strategic Partnership and a mixed model, combining elements from the previous three models that are suitable for your business needs.

We usually recommend the Time & Material Model because, judging from our experience, specifications usually suffer changes throughout the project lifetime, which does not justify the Fixed Price model.

Do you work on the fixed price model?

We only accept working on a fixed price model based on clear specifications. Yet, when agreeing to use Scrum methodology, we do not recommend fixed pricing, unless we receive reassurance that specifications will not suffer major changes.

Fixed price model is recommended when customers are able to send change requests whenever they impact our effort. Based on their change request we redo the quote. If on the contrary the customer cannot picture exactly what he wants, we recommend working on a time-and-material price model.

How long are the rates valid?

We make rate adjustments at the beginning of the calendar year. For projects completed in a single calendar year, the rates initially agreed upon remain unchanged.

When do you consider applying discounts to your standard rates?

We usually apply discounts to long-term projects since they ensure reduced costs and risks. Breaks between projects bring significant losses and discomfort among developers; which is why we award customers that book resources permanently with the best rates. We also offer discounts for gradual ramp-ups. If the project team is upgraded at a slow pace, we have enough time to find new customers and thus minimize the risk of unpaid work. We also appreciate change forecasts, in terms of resource requirements, provided a few months in advance. This way we ensure not only discounts, but also quality.

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