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Does ROPARDO accept large outsourcing projects?

ROPARDO embraces software development project variety. We have successfully dealt with large software outsourcing projects for many years. Also, we have dived into more limited projects. If we cannot deliver all the work force needed, we have a network of ready-to-collaborate partners. We also have expertise and proficient knowledge for large system integration projects.

Do you agree to develop only a part of my application?

Our core expertise is custom software development, so basically, we can develop whatever you require us, as long as we have the available resources, comprehensive and clear specifications. The specifications define our contractual obligations to you, so they are part of our contract.

Do you do MVP development? How long does it take to build an MVP?

Ropardo has its very MVP Lab. In our Minimum Viable Product Laboratory we mix well-bred developers and designers with present-day technologies and artificial intelligence to guarantee vendible software development solutions.
On average it takes us one (1) months to build an MVP, but that depends very much on the product functionalities. We estimate an accurate duration of the MVP development once we know the specifications.
More about our MVP Lab

Do I have to provide you with specifications for you to develop a nearshore IT project at your site?

Normally it is customers who have the specifications put together for a certain project. Once you have them ready, you will send them to us. If adjustments are needed, we will make the suggestions. Based on the complete specifications, we will draft the contract, validate it with you and have it signed. We are open for bringing reasonable and well-grounded modifications to specifications during the development of the project.

In case you have not got the specifications, we can provide a Business Analyst to analyze the requirements, identify and assess changes, and prepare the specifications for you. They will be efficiently communicated to you during meetings organized at customer’s premises or ours. Also, via email, conference calls or on-site meetings, the BA will support the business throughout the implementation process.

Do you accept unfinished tasks?

It is not something unusual for us. We have taken over projects of various dimensions from companies in different countries, code-proved and re-coded them, if necessary, and delivered the expected results.

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