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Please describe the workplace at ROPARDO.

ROPARDO offers a modern workplace, air conditioned, well lighted. Car park and bike park are provided. During breaks, hot coffee/ tea and fresh water are always welcomed with good jokes and a breath of air on balconies, in the three kitchens or in the smoking area.

The environment in general is open and friendly, senior developers are always willing to pass their know-how on their younger colleagues.

What facilities do your office spaces offer?

We have a number of meeting rooms in building where teams get together for their SCRUM meetings and we organize phone/video conferences with our customers and prospects.

What does the hardware, network and communication infrastructure consist of?

For the telecommunication services, we use a BGP connection with IP class C over fiber optics from different providers, with state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring a large bandwidth.
We are using notebooks and workstation (as requested by the project), with top configurations; each work place has at least 2 monitors.

We can assure dedicated / decoupled subnetwork that allows ROPARDO dedicated team to connect Customer network using VPN or other protocol.

ROPARDO owns its local data center which gives us the advantage of flexibility on setting up new projects; we are using virtualization layer and starting with 2014 we are using PaaS / Open Shift platform for Web projects.

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