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What level of education do your software developers have?

We only hire well selected personnel with high level of education and great technical and management experience:

  • 5% PhD in Computer Science
  • 45% Master studies in Computer Science
  • 85% Computer Science graduates

The level of experience of most members of the team is over seven years. This includes IT consultants, team leaders and project managers. The minimum experience of our developers is two years.
We are a growing team: passionate, well bred, creative, tech-driven and result oriented. We have an entire culture built around shaping reliable professionals choosing from young graduates or students in the final years of study. Or, in a nutshell, Ropardo Academy.

What languages is your staff fluent in?

To be offered a position in the company, a candidate must meet our standards of language skills. On this considerate, 100% of our staff are proficient in business and project related English, 50% are fluent in German and accommodated with German culture.

Ropardo regularly contracts language trainings depending on the project, so we currently have French, Italian, Hungarian and Spanish speakers among our colleagues.

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