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What are your differentiators as compared to other software development companies?

We think of ourselves as long way partners, being always available for you. We will stay by your side all along the way and further on by providing profitable software development source, speed onto the market and convenient operating costs. Equipped with a highly skilled and committed team and well-defined software development processes, we stick to well-grounded beliefs.

We give customers 9 solid reasons to choose ROPARDO as your custom software development provider:

Innovation. Today’s world is changing fast so innovation is part of our culture and the key competitive advantage we provide our customers with in terms of skilled people, current technology trends, strong procedures, and R&D passion. We build solutions for the future.

Quality. The foundation of our rigorous quality policy consists of procedures, processes and not last of people assuring a high quality for all deliveries. Our testing center provides the test services used for all delivered packages.

Timely Delivery. For us delivery on time is a default benefit: we always deliver in due time. To make sure it is so, we run and adapt strong procedures, used by our teams in all their activities. The software development lifecycle is closely monitored through agile methodologies while we are backed-up by modern communication systems.

Technical Competence. We “breathe” technology, our specialists are up to date with the latest developments in their field. Our expertise on leading platforms and technologies allows us to deliver the best solutions for your requirements.

Talented Staff. Our team is enthusiastic and creative and we strive to keep them so by challenging them to reach their fullest potential. We provide a balanced work environment, open communication, flexible working hours and locations, and worldwide exposure. This way we favor low employee turnover and a stable, organic growth.

Industry Know-how (Domain Knowledge competence). Beside technology expertise, we have a deep knowledge of the relevant core business processes in a wide variety of industries, particularly Manufacturing & Logistics, Healthcare & Fitness, Travel & Tourism, e-Commerce, Retail & POS, Real Estate, Health & Pharma, Automotive, Financial Services & Banking.

Price. Ropardo practices convenient rates, fast reaction and operation times, mixed in flexible business models to suit a variety of needs. We deliver high value at a good price.

Flexibility. Ropardo has a mature organizational structure with a mainly flat hierarchy which gives us the speed and flexibility to quickly adapt to project and customer needs.

Project Transparency. We give our customers access to our internal project planning and monitoring infrastructure at request. All projects details are transparent: project plan and status, task assignments and issues.

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