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Communication Process

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How do you ensure communication in software development projects?

Depending on the nearshore / offshore software development project, we decide together with the client on the best methods of communication in software development projects to ensure success.

During the opening stages of the project, we frequently set up conference calls and management meetings to address pressing project management issues of the software outsourcing effort. Depending on the size of the software outsourcing project, these meetings can decrease in frequency.

We have set up a work method and hardware / software infrastructure allowing various communication means:

  • Web-based project management software
  • Email
  • Skype
  • Telephone conferences
  • Source versioning server access
  • FTP server access
  • VPN virtual private network

For planning, monitoring, and control we use issue trackers like Taiga or JIRA throughout the software development project.

Regardless the communication channel, we prefer typing so that we can transfer the information into the tickets application.

How can we meet the software developers assigned to our projects without traveling to your office?

For this kind of requests, we usually set up video conferences. Our meeting rooms are equipped with cameras. This is the closest method to on-site interaction.

How can I track the status of my nearshore/offshore software outsourcing project?

Our standard method for project tracking and handling issues and requests for change is Taiga, our web-based project management software.

In order to track progress in nearshore/offshore software development projects we can use weekly project status reports, reports on demand or we can use the method / tools preferred by you.

At your request, you may access directly internal documentation on condition that you keep it confidential (VPN secure lines, official trips to Ropardo premises).

What is the response time in nearshore/offshore software development projects?

In project based collaboration, ensuring dedicated resources is a key element for short reaction time. This is usually specific in the nearshore/offshore dedicated team nearshore / offshore collaboration.

In both cases, the reaction time is one of the level of service terms agreed upon before the start of the nearshore / offshore collaboration and has to be convenient for the client as well as for us, ensuring the productive work of the nearshore/offshore development team.

Response time is never longer than one day. Of course, we are flexible and time is shorter if the circumstances require it.
For updates, the protocol is as follows:

  • weekly reports are sent via e-mail, phone, or phone collaboration platform;
  • monthly or more-frequent deliveries of last versions of the programs being developed;
  • real-time reporting sheet which can be accessed based on user name and password

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