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Is your company aligned to international standards?

Ropardo fits perfectly in the software international setting. As our role and mission are inevitably related to the community in which we perform our activities, we have understood the importance of our contribution to its lasting and sustainable development. Our entire range of trustworthy services are compliant to ISO: 14001 – environmental management standard certification, ISO: 9001 – quality management systems certifications, ISO: 27001 – information security management system (ISMS), and EICC – Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition. You can find extended information here.

What company culture would you like your customers to have?

Judging by our 20+ year experience, flexibility seems to be the key for the provider and the customer to meet half way in this business area where we have to cope with cultural differences. For which reason we have flexible business models and expect the same from our future-to-be customers.

How does Romania’s culture compare to those of the Western world?

Romania has undergone dynamic social and economic growth in the last 10 years despite a long and turbulent past. It joined the EU in 2007 and has become an emerging presence in Europe.

A family-focused society, with well-grounded Orthodox Christian beliefs, it is very important for Romanians to build and enter long-term, strongly bounded relationships. We give back loyalty and trust. Romanians are considered among the friendliest and hospitable people in Europe with a unique sense of humour and a rich national heritage, so a lot to learn from. Open communication together with reliable relationships make up the bridge for doing successful business in our country.

The country has left behind its communist reminiscences and is now connected to the western world. Strong curiosity and efforts to know other cultures have developed the necessary abilities to cope easily with cultural differences in international business. Romanians keep an open mind and are flexible, yet retaining their own identity. The result is that the cultural barrier has vanished based on mutual efforts, especially in the IT business sector.

Romanians take business dealings very seriously and comply faithfully to terms and conditions of negotiated agreements. There is a strong hierarchical system in place, with delegation coming from the top down, while responsibility and position are clearly defined parameters.

Despite differences between Eastern and Western cultures, win-win business happens naturally. Romanians have embraced the concept of cultural synergy referring to cultural diversity as a resource. Uniqueness of each culture may lead to out-of-the-box solutions to existing problems. This is even more applicable in software development outsourcing.

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