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Account Management

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Are key roles of the company involved in the account management?

Different roles in the company cover the account management: PMs, the CTO, the COO, or even the CEO.

Project Managers assigned to the account coordinates all the developers in Ropardo. They all have extensive experience in coordinating small and large teams of developers.

The Business Development Manager provides assistance in any marketing related issues and can also act as contact between the prospect/customer and Ropardo.

Can we interact with senior managers of ROPARDO?

ROPARDO operates on a flat organizational chart which makes it easier for customers to reach senior managers (CEO, COO, Development Manager, Project Managers). Efficient communication channels are email, phone, Skype.

Will we have an account manager assigned?

Yes, you will. A specialist is assigned as dedicated account manager to your account when the role and the requirements (including number of hours per day) are defined.

What minimum level of experience of a specialist will Ropardo assign as account manager?

It all depends on what your expectations from the account manager are. We have colleagues at several levels that can assist you with tasks like order management, invoicing, call/meeting scheduling, requirement definition, or reporting.

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