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How do you guarantee for the quality of the software developed?

We use internal quality assurance standards for software development and implementation. These standards are updated periodically and all employees are trained on this regard.

Ropardo is committed to quality. Our team takes all the necessary steps to ensure that client expectations are met by the software application resulted from nearshore / offshore development project and also in related nearshore / offshore services: consultancy, implementing, maintenance, support.

Our Agile methods offers the customer the possibility to report any issues to us so that we solve them in the shortest time possible. During the warranty period, Ropardo engages to fix flaws in the software as long as they are not a result of inappropriate usage. If flaws occur because of improper use of the product we can fix them for the price specified in the contract. The customer can extend the warranty period for a sum previously agreed upon.

Response time is normally no more than one working day.

How does ROPARDO address customer concerns on the service quality?

Our quality assurance standards include preventative actions:

  • comply with the communication protocol of the company;
  • identify potential misinterpretation of the requirement;
  • allocate the proper specialists to the project

However, if such concerns still occur and they escalate into serious issues, we take corrective actions, including adjustment of resource allocation and communication protocols.

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