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Do you prefer to manage the software projects yourselves? Or are you open to flexible approaches?

We prefer doing the project management ourselves, but are prepared to adapt to customers’ requirements and flexible approaches. Thus, we have no problem in just coding for a customer, while for another we do business analysis, requirement gathering and project management.
Over the years, we have been exposed and have adjusted quickly to various approaches.

Would you agree to use our project management application?

Any project management application is fine with us as long as it gets the job done.

How do we ensure success and reduce risks?

The development of a pilot project is often the best method to reduce nearshore / offshore project risks. Based on our experience, the best solution to minimize risks is to cover the project phase in a responsible manner and pay particular attention to quality assurance and testing during the nearshore / offshore software development project.

This means attention in the analysis phase in listening to requirements and formulating specifications, setting up the project, ensuring the suitable resources, establishing stages and milestones, testing the application in various stages and coherent continuous communication with the nearshore / offshore partner.

Ropardo is the reliable partner for nearshore/offshore software development and outsourcing on .NET, Java, Lotus/Domino and web technologies, in project-based or dedicated team collaborations.

What happens if we decide to stop a software development project already running?

For all ongoing nearshore / offshore software development projects, you may interrupt development, giving an agreed advance notice. You will pay only for the part of the project already done. We will also deliver all results and documentation developed up to that point.

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