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What is the project site? Can ROPARDO staff travel to the customer’s offices?

The software development project site is at our premises. Yet, our staff travels to the customer’s offices at key times of the project, such as project kick off and/or deployment or for user training. We charge such related extra-costs separately from the development services. Extra costs usually include travel and accommodation expenses, daily allowance.

Can we subcontract ROPARDO specialists to work at our premises?

Yes, you can, but not for extended periods of time. Most often, our employees’ have strong ties to their hometown (family, life partner), which makes them reluctant to working abroad or in another city for a long time. Generally, juniors are sometimes more enthusiastic with traveling and working abroad.

Yet, if working at your premises is a must, we usually make arrangements for limited periods of time especially in the critical moments of the project (e.g. kick-off or delivery). In this case, procedures will comply with the employment laws governing both in Romania and your country. As said earlier, we charge separately costs referring to travel and accommodation expenses, as well as daily allowance . Depending on the travel time, all these aspects can be negotiated.

Presently, there are no restrictions as to Romanian citizens traveling to EU member countries and flights have reasonable frequency and rates. Anyhow, we will discuss such matters in detail at the nearshore / offshore project set-up.

Does ROPARDO have experience in multi-site software projects?

Ropardo successfully answers requests from both software companies and end customers. In a project working with a software company, the latter contacts the final customer. After we have accumulated the specifications, the next step is to process the code. The implementation of the code is the final step. It’s a two-team work during all the processes: one on our side and one on the software company’s side.

We cover the same complete development life cycle when we work with end customers.

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